Health Benefits of olive oil

Among the first in importance of food in the Mediterranean diet, olive oil and the olive is inextricably linked with the tradition of Greece and the whole Mediterranean.

Why olive oil is among the list of the most beneficial food?


1. It is rich in monounsaturated fatty acids (at up to 83%), has little saturated and some very essential polyunsaturated, such as linoleic acid and linolenic which give the oil the unique biological value.

2. Contains vitamins and provitamins (A and E), minerals such as selenium and polyphenols, known to us as antioxidants that are protective factors against chronic diseases, with an emphasis on cancer. Studies have shown that women who consume olive oil more than once a day have 25% less chance to develop breast cancer compared to those who rarely consume olive oil. The antioxidants which are found in olive oil greatly contribute to anti aging.

3.Protects against cardiovascular disease, because it is the most important monounsaturated fat which increases the "good" cholesterol and reduces the "bad".

4. It is the best tolerated fat for human stomach, it presents the best indicator of digestibility and absorption, it soothes many intestinal syndromes, it assists in proper functioning of the colon, while significantly reduces the symptoms of constipation.

5. It protects the skin from solar radiation, while the chlorophyll promotes metabolism and stimulates the growth of cells.

6. Finally, it provides several essential fatty acids for the proper development of the neonates, with the most important fact that the ratio is similar to that of breast milk.


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