Our Family

Marinos and Meropi along their two children, Andreas and Marialena, comprise the members of this family business which produces the Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil Meropi. 

We made a collective decision to cultivate our family’s olive groves and to exclusively manage the production of organic olive oil.

Each of us has their on substantial part in the whole process, beginning from harvesting the olive to the availiability the final product at the selling points. Marinos and Meropi mainly deal with the productive procedure while Andreas deals both with production and bottling. Marketing and product promotion lies in the hands of Marialena. However, we all participate actively and almost every stage of production, from caring for the olive grove to the final stage of product distribution.

Our family is one of the six founding members of the NGO “With the Others” which was created by olive oil producers of Gera with the goal to protect and stress the importance of the “Gera olive grove”.


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