Our history

You can meet our family’s olive grove, consisting of almost 3.000 century old trees, in the southeastern part of Lesbos island, in the mountainous region of the Golf of Gera at an altitude of 150 meters and at a distance of 250m from the sea.


Our olive grove spreads throughout the evergreen mountains of Gera on the island of Lesbos. It is surrounded by wild quinceand various other types of herbs which grove between the olives, like oregano, (thyme), wild levanta, all of which pass their unique aromas to our olive oil.

The olive grove has been passed on to us from “grandfather to grandfather”. It was common practice to spend the winter months in the olive grove since for them olives and olive oil was their primary source of income. In fact, they had even built an “almost” spacious “ntami” during the harvest season. A “Ntami” was a household structure which people built in the fields in order to house animals, fodder, tools, as well as themselves and the workers. Our dream was to restore this traditional lodge and to renovate it with love and respect to our ancestors.

Our olive grove is arranged with the so called “setia” (dry stone walls) which are the large horizontal flat surface areas built by soft dry stone (crude rock without using mortar), which are primarily used to stop earth corrosion and to constrain the earth around the olive trees. Furthermore, a small semicircular mantel is built around each olive tree in order to better withhold the water and thus increase its fructification. What is quite noteworthy is the fact that due to the mountainous location in the olive groves of Gera and the need for the construction  of “setia”, a very unique category of the traditional stone mason profession of Lesbos emerged, requiring special techniques which were usually passed on generation to generation.

We try to honor their hard work by continuing their legacy and further nurturing it as best we can.  


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