Our olive oil

We adopt as our basic principle that the cultivation of the olive should follow the natural cycle of life . We treat our olive trees with much care and love , from tying blossom till the  olive picking up , following the rules of organic farming.

Our philosophy is that oil production must ensure the excellent quality, but all the beneficial health properties , the characteristic fruity flavor and rich aroma .

The nature of Gera grove and especially the olive variety " Kolovi ", but also our daily preoccupation and persistent effort to make the organic olive oil ' Meropi ' as a product of unparalleled taste and quality .


Our olive grove is not artificially watered and kept clean  from both chemical and organic fertilizers for nearly 20 years . We use only the free grazing of animals , which also works as a natural lubrication.

The olive picking , or else the " liomazema ", as it is usually called in Gera , starts in early November when the olives are green ( unripe ) and it is completed by the end of February , a stage before the fruit is mature , having the characteristic light purple color .

The olives are harvested by hand , packed in sacks and immediately within the same day , we take care to be transported to the mill in the area, to make the oil (cold) extraction . Thus kept low acidity olive oil ( 0,3 ) . The extraction is cold ,  after washing and pulping the fruit  the olive paste is heated below 26 ° С, because at higher temperatures , the oil loses a lot of vitamins and nutrients . Then it is stored in stainless steel, fulfilling all the necessary requirements . With multiple transfusions between the tanks , we achieve the removal of sediment from the oil and so therefore our olive oil comes to you like a natural olive juice !

 After the harvest period we immediately begin the trim of the trees , with pruning as the first work  and physical care continues throughout the year , organically !


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