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The island of Lesvos has a long tradition in olive cultivation, beginning from the 17th to the 18th century. Lesbos is an endless olive forest, where millions of olive trees are laid out in her endless olive groves. Realizing the value of the precious olive fruit, the producers of Lesbos organized their society around its cultivation. Olive mills were built around the whole island and a plethora of professions and craftsmen developed in order to support its exploitation.

In Gera, especially, an area about 25km from the capital of the island, Mitilini, the olives and oil constituted and continue to be its fundamental  source of wealth. The Golf of Gera characterized as one of the most graphic in the world sits at the bottom of an ever ending mountain of olive groves, tens of thousands of acres, which are superbly reflected in its silver waters.

Due to its particular climatological and soil conditions and its natural mountainous beauty, Gera is one of the most ideal locations for the cultivation of the Kolovi variety, which thrives in difficult kinds of soil, without much water and produces excellent quality olive oil.

The olive oil of Gera is considered to be one of the best olive oils in the world!

It is light, aromatic, and fine while at the same time remaining integral elements of the history and culture of this land.


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